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Monster High 2: the Secret of Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde.

Chapter 4
Falling in love? Need advice? C.A. Cupid will suffice!

The shuffling of feet along with the non stop chatter filled the hauls of Monster High, the speakers came on and a sweet voice which all the ghouls and mansters knew all to well filled the hauls of Monster High. "C.A. Cupid is my name, the questions of love is my game," her voice was like a magnet as all the eyes or eye in some monsters cases looked at the speakers and they didn't not move from their spots. "Caller number one your on the air, tell me what questions of love can I help you with today?" A quite voice answer back a bit nervously, "Well Cupid, I'm new to Monster High and there is this scary sweet wolf who has been so helpful showing me around and we've become great friends but...I want to be more than that. I just don't know if he feels the same way I do?"

"Well ghoulfriend, there are ways to find out if he does, do you notice how he acts around you when you two aren't alone and when you are alone?" "Hmmmm, well he's kind shy when we're with our friends and I am as well but when its just the two of us he holds my hand and just gazes at me." Cupid let out a small laugh, "Well he likes you but he's just too shy to make a move, just let him know how you feel about him, by doing that he's bound to become more open to his feelings and won't be shy anymore." Terra's lips curved into a smile, "Thank you so much Cupid!" As she went off the air she headed towards her locker, her cheerful mood was not one that could be contained as her tail swung back and fourth. As she turned a right corner to get to her locker her eyes landed on Vergil who was about twenty feet away from her. Seeing him and hearing his laugh made her smile more if that was even possible. However it faded away as fast as it came, she saw Vergil embracing Frankie then let her go and kissed her right cheek. "Frankie your the best ghoul that I know, thank you so much! Now I can confess to her how I really feel."

Frankie let out a laugh as her cheeks turned red and her bolts zapped at his actions and words. Terra on the other hand felt confused and hurt, she couldn't stand there any longer and rushed passed them and headed to her first hour class. She thought that Vergil and her were close but apparently he was closer to Frankie. She walked into Mr. Mummy's room and sat in the back instead of sitting in the middle where she usually sits with Vergil, she put her purse down by her feet and noticed a math book and let out a small sigh of relief.
Since she didn't go to her locker she wasn't able to get her math book but at least with the book that a student forgot it would make her day a bit easier. The door swung open quickly making most ghouls and mansters turn their heads in that direction and the bell rang out. "Ahhh Mr. Wolf, just a few seconds more and you would have been late, now please take your seat and call will begin." Vergil nodded his head and went to sit in his usual spot and notice that the left seat next to him was empty he looked back to the seat in the fourth row and saw Terra sitting there.

He quickly got up and moved into the seat that was on her right, which made her frown. It was now impossible to avoid Vergil, she could just ignore him but how long could she keep it up? "Hey Terra I wanted to know- hey what's wrong?" Tears moved against her will as they fell from her eyes, she began to take notes to ignore his question but looked at him when his hand grasped her right hand ceasing her writing. "Terra, please tell me what's wrong? Is there anything I can do?" "Yes Mr. Wolf, you can stop talking to your girlfriend and write down today's lesson in your notebook since you'll have a test on it this Friday or would you rather take it in detention?" His classmates let out some hushed laughs but with his sensitive hearing it was like each of them were on speakers.

Mr. Mummy turned his back to the class as he continued to write down more of today's new lesson on the chalkboard Vergil saw this as his chance to talk with Terra. He leaned over closer to her his grip on her hand loosened a bit. "Terra please, I'm worried about you, if I did anything can you please tell me?" Mr. Mummy let out a sigh, "Mr. Wolf if you consider that a hushed whisper you should take off your headphones every now and then. Also your new seat is up here in the front row until you can keep your eyes on the chalkboard instead of Ms. Kitsune."  More "hushed" laughs filled the classroom as he headed up to the front while he gave Terra a sad look which totally made her feel so bad but she just continued to write down notes.

Vergil let out a soft sigh as he began to write down notes on their lesson while trying to figure out what made Terra so upset and why she ignored him. However he was determined to find out one way or another. Time seemed to fly by for Frankie, thankfully she didn't have a class with Jackson until fourth hour, however third hour was coming to an end and lunch time was getting ready to take over. The bell rang out as monsters emerged from their third hour classes and made their way to their lockers or creepateria. Frankie let out a sigh as she put her books in her locker and shut the door. "Hey Frankie we need to talk." She turned her head to her left seeing Holt with a unfamiliar look of seriousness on his face. She hoped it wasn't about what took place at Draculaura's party but his look told her that it was. "Frankie I want to apologize for what I did to you at Ula D's party, I want to say it was the whole night and music thing but-" "Holt it's okay, I should be the one apologizing, I'm nuts and bolts about Jackson, I really care about you and it's not fair that I didn't tell you sooner that-"Firecracker, you don't need to say anything else."

He wrapped his arms around her in a friendly hug, "You're the best ghoulfriend a manster can have." She closed her eyes and smiled, "Thanks Holt that means a lot to-" She was taken off guard cause she felt his lips against hers, wait didn't he just apologize for kissing her and he's doing it again!? She opened her eyes and was ready to give Holt a piece of her mind but was shocked to see Jackson. He broke the kiss as he smiled at Frankie,"J-Jackson!? It's not what you think! I-" Shhh you don't need to say anything, Holt told me everything." "W-What?!When!?" was all that she managed to say. "Holt told me after Draculaura's party, I was mad at first but after Holt told about how Operetta wanted him to go to a concert with her on a date. I forgave him, he told me that he was so excited that he got a second chance and it was all thanks to you for encouraging him and being such a great ghoulfriend." Tears fell from her eyes as she let out a laugh. "That's not the Holt I know, he's never been this open about his feelings."

"Well he has you and Operetta to thank for that, you really-" A loud rumble cut him off making him blush, "Sorry about that I-" Another loud rumble cut him off again but this time it was Frankie stomach. Her blots zapped as she let out a laugh which he joined, "Lets head to the creepateria, I hear mac'n cheese calling my name." Frankie smiled nodding her head at Jackson as they laced their hands together making their way to the lunch room. Meanwhile Terra looked around to find a place to sit down and eat her lunch, seeing Clawdeen and the others she went over to sit with them however the sight of Vergil and Frankie sitting together laughing made her think about the events that happened this morning. She went over to a big tree and sat in the shade as she stared at her bento box sadly, I really shouldn't ignore Vergil, he has a choice to be with who he wants. I'm his friend I should support him but I just can't help but feel upset, I just wish-" Her tears spoke for her as they fell down continuously into a tiny puddle on the grass. Wanting to conceal her emotional appearance she hugged her knees to her chest while she put her face into her crossed arms which sat on top of her knees.  

Vergil smiled as he saw Jackson as he sat down next to Frankie, "I'm glad to see that you two got together you haven't seen Terra anywhere have you?" They both shook their heads at him, Frankie tilted her head at him as she picked up a piece of her pizza, "Did you tell her yet?" His ears flapped down sadly "I'm still a bit nervous but I really want to-" his ears twitched upwards as he heard voice. "Terra." Jackson pushed up his glasses, "She's here? How'd you know?" "I can hear her...crying. " Without a moment more he got up and ran in Terra's direction.  "Terra what's wrong?" What should I do?! I don't want him to see  me like this and I don't want to tell him the real reason why I'm like this. "It's nothing, really, I'm fine." "Terra look at me please." Slowly she lifted her head and looked into his green eyes, every time she did she got butterflies and this time was no different, he still had the same effect on her. "I..I'm okay, really I am." His looked changed, it was more serious which she hasn't seen hardly ever, well except when he was playing casketball. "Don't lie to me Terra, you have a tell when you lie." He grabbed her hands into his, "Please Terra tell me why you are crying?" "It's just that...a guy that I liked likes someone else but I'm over it." "Who do they like?"

"Frankie." Clawd let out a laugh which caught her off guard, "Well it will never happen." She was surprised for a moment then tutored back, "It already has, I saw them together this morning, he was hugging her and...he kissed her." "Hmmm... well Holt is the only one that comes to mind but Frankie has-"you" He looked at her with a confused look,"Me?" Tears poured down her eyes as she couldn't stop them from overflowing. "Yes you, I saw the two of you together this morning when I was going to meet you by my locker." So...the guy you me?!" "Yes." She stood up as she got ready to leave but  couldn't when two strong arms wrapped around her. "Terra I was thanking Frankie this morning, because I didn't know how to tell the ghoul who makes me howl for the moon how I really feel; she told me that if I didn't tell her how I felt someone would beat me to her."

Terra's tears still spilled from her eyes but a smile was forming on her lips. " I like you Terra and Frankie has a boyfriend, Jackson." Terra turned around as Vergil loosened his arms for her, "Terra will you be my girlfriend?" Her smile widened as she opened her mouth but her stomach let out a loud growl which caused her to blush.  Vergil let out a chuckle while smiling as Terra shyly laced her fingers with Vergils left hand. "Yes." They walked over to the table where the others were smiling which told Vergil and Terra that they saw what happened which they didn't mind in the least.
Finally up, thank you for being so patience.
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Chapter Five TBD (To be determined.) Not sure if I will make chapter five, I've got some ideas but I'll just see how they turn out on my computer.
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